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by Scott Ochander

"So few even reach for such heights—I think it makes the journey that much sweeter for those who do."

It’s the beginning of May here in Oregon and believe it or not, I’m standing here on top of a mountain.  It’s 60 degrees, sunny and I’ve got a pair of trusty boards strapped to my feet, sunglasses on my face and sunscreen applied.  In short, I’m ready to race.

To me, there’s no better feeling than the rush of fresh mountain air filling my lungs as I race down a mountain.  Yet, despite the beautiful day, I’m nearly alone up here except for my family and a few diehards. It is May after all and despite the Summer that is nearly upon us, I can’t think of anything better than to enjoy the last days of corn snow and sun on Mt. Bachelor.

As I stare out on the magnificent mountain landscape that is central Oregon, it’s hard not to think about what it takes to be on top of a mountain.  The challenge of the climb, the tired legs, shortness of breath…yet, when you stand on top-the thrill of the achievement makes the journey worth it.  Perhaps even more important is to attempt at all.

Starting Dartlet was like that.  The incredible effort and sweet sweat of the journey, the aggressive pace of the climb, the obstacles, the victories.  As I think about it-our clients are like that too.  There isn’t one who isn’t willing to push for the top, even demand it of their teams and in themselves.

In life, we all have a choice—to push for the summit or stay where we are­—and let’s face it—we all have mountains to climb.  Yet, not everyone is willing to take on the risk of failure, to face the flurry of challenges, or fight the uphill battles that result from attempting the summit in whatever we do in our lives.  One thing is for sure—For those of us who do, the view is magnificent.

Enjoy the climb!

The mountains of Central Oregon at sunset