• Equalibrium

    Posted On September 12, 2017 By Tyler Borders

    I distinctly remember the late-night conversation between me and Scott as we were filling out incorporation documents for Dartlet. The company was little more than a seedling, and night after night we were making all of the major founding decisions to structure the business. Finally, it came to that sensitive and pivotal moment of splitting […]

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  • Afraid of change? Here’s the cure.

    Posted On August 31, 2017 By Scott Ochander

    Thirteen years ago, a project at a national laboratory required a new consensus-based research model for change to bring together the masses and inspire a shared vision for the future. That successful project and resulting process innovation was a critical component for the start of Dartlet. For years, we have inspired consensus and change in […]

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  • Motivated Unity

    Posted On June 23, 2017 By Dave Viggiano

    Last week, much of the Dartlet team came together in Tri-Cities, Washington for meetings and training.  With a dispersed work force located in areas across the country, it’s not often that we come together in this way, so it was an incredibly valuable and wonderful time. I started at Dartlet on the first Monday of […]

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  • Are You A Climber?

    Posted On May 10, 2017 By Scott Ochander

    It’s the beginning of May here in Oregon and believe it or not, I’m standing here on top of a mountain.  It’s 60 degrees, sunny and I’ve got a pair of trusty boards strapped to my feet, sunglasses on my face and sunscreen applied.  In short, I’m ready to race. To me, there’s no better […]

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