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  • Wicked Smaht: NACAC Conference 2017

    Posted On September 7, 2017 By Jorie Antuma

    Dartlet will be taking the stage yet again. Next week, if you find yourself in Boston for the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) Conference, take note of a particular pre-conference seminar: Enrollment Marketing: Wicked Smaht Strategies to Recruit Gen Z This new generation has been brought up in an entirely digital world—smart phones in […]

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  • Afraid of change? Here’s the cure.

    Posted On August 31, 2017 By Scott Ochander

    Thirteen years ago, a project at a national laboratory required a new consensus-based research model for change to bring together the masses and inspire a shared vision for the future. That successful project and resulting process innovation was a critical component for the start of Dartlet. For years, we have inspired consensus and change in […]

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  • Motivated Unity

    Posted On June 23, 2017 By Dave Viggiano

    Last week, much of the Dartlet team came together in Tri-Cities, Washington for meetings and training.  With a dispersed work force located in areas across the country, it’s not often that we come together in this way, so it was an incredibly valuable and wonderful time. I started at Dartlet on the first Monday of […]

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  • Are You A Climber?

    Posted On May 10, 2017 By Scott Ochander

    It’s the beginning of May here in Oregon and believe it or not, I’m standing here on top of a mountain.  It’s 60 degrees, sunny and I’ve got a pair of trusty boards strapped to my feet, sunglasses on my face and sunscreen applied.  In short, I’m ready to race. To me, there’s no better […]

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