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  • Time Is Anything But Money

    Posted On April 19, 2017 By Tyler Borders

    Time. It is life’s sovereign resource. Time is the great equalizer. It beats at the same pace for each of us, and over it we have no control. We’re not allowed to have a conversation with time—it doesn’t alter its course or negotiate terms. We can’t exchange it, sell it, or collect it. It is […]

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  • Turn Around

    Posted On April 17, 2017 By Tyler Borders

    Some years ago I was invited to speak at an innovation and entrepreneurship conference. I was asked to focus my remarks around what it takes to be a successful leader and business owner. Rather than simply drawing from my scratch pad of experiences around this topic—for which there are mountains of great books already—I decided […]

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  • The Rx

    Posted On March 26, 2017 By Tyler Borders

    The most valuable person in any company is not the President, or the COO, or anybody in the C-Suite for that matter. Nor is it the Co-Founders, the Board of Directors, a senior sales leader or strategist. The most valuable person in any company is the “Rx.” There may be just one in an organization, […]

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  • Dartlet to Set Sail for Wales

    Posted On February 14, 2017 By Tyler Borders

    Dartlet (International?) is thrilled to announce its maiden voyage across the Atlantic to introduce our communication science to the United Kingdom. After a global search resulting in 9 semi-finalists, our award was recently confirmed. While we won’t disclose the details of the project for now, the location has all the makings of a Harry Potter movie as our team braves […]

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