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by Dave Viggiano

Last week, much of the Dartlet team came together in Tri-Cities, Washington for meetings and training.  With a dispersed work force located in areas across the country, it’s not often that we come together in this way, so it was an incredibly valuable and wonderful time.

I started at Dartlet on the first Monday of April and like to joke that I actually started on April Fool’s Day.  But there’s no punch line here.  What I knew of Dartlet at that time was only re-enforced by our time together in Tri-Cities, as well as by all my experiences in between.  More so than any organization to which I’ve been exposed, Dartlet knows exactly who it is.  And well, it should.  Dartlet is, after all, the pioneer of research methods that build consensus for an organization to discover and know thyself.  Naturally, there is no prescribing to others that which we’d be unwilling to prescribe to our self.

This knowledge of self is rich, meaningful and communicated in all applicable ways.  It flows profoundly from the co-founders, providing the team with a complete understanding of the Dartlet DNA and how we fit into it – like the order of nitrogen bases in a DNA sequence, which form genes.  As Dartlet clients know, there is incredible responsibility, freedom and opportunity in this knowledge of self.  At the highest and most ambitious level, it can be the foundation for organizational transformation and all effective communications.  At the most personal level, it is a catalyst for being who you are to the absolute fullest and bringing every fiber of your being to bear on your work.

With respect to its team, Dartlet urges us to rebel in the pursuit of innovation and desire to be the best in the world at our craft.  With apologies, I’ll steal a line from Tyler Borders here – be still my beating heart.  Precious few organizations in the world embrace who they are and challenge themselves so acutely. Last week in Tri-Cities, this notion, this sense of being, it was palpable.  Like I could reach out and grab it with my hand.  This is how an organization can achieve motivated unity.

Each day, the work the team does, and all decisions made, are rooted in this knowledge.  It invigorates and reminds to ask the questions.  Does my work at this moment embody our DNA?  Am I performing to our impossibly, and yet awesomely high bar?  Should the answer “no” ever creep in, well, I better come correct quickly.  Because we know who we are.  Do you?  We are Dartlet.