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by Kelsey Wilson

Finally getting a chance to catch up on my ‘to watch’ list of movies, I sat down to relax and enjoy Moana with my husband. It was everything that I had heard it would be: exciting, funny, inspirational, and uplifting. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of seeing it, Moana is about a spirited teenager who takes on what seems like an impossible quest to help her family and village prosper. Through the process, she fearlessly beats the odds that are stacked against her, overcomes challenges she didn’t expect to encounter, and discovers who she is at her core.

Aren’t we all looking and trying to figure out who we are? What our purpose is? I know I go through phases of feeling like I have a firm understanding of who I am, but everyone grows and changes which can influence dreams, goals, and maybe even personality. When I started working for Dartlet, one of my first assignments was to select which archetypes and dimensions I felt were me. This proved to be much harder than I thought! I wanted to be everything! I was drawn to our Green archetype, because of my adventurous spirit; to the Brown archetype, due to my competitive drive; and to the Purple archetype—I’m a caring individual, right?

I was attracted to a number of the Dartlet archetypes and it caused me to overthink how I should describe myself to others. It only took a few days, however, and the rest of the Dartlet team was able to perceive that the Red archetype deserved a place in my “top three.” Apparently, my positive attitude and natural enthusiasm for life couldn’t be hidden and the rest of my team was quick to point that out.

Our clients go through a similar experience. Who are they? Is their audience perceiving them the same way they describe themselves? How often and assertively should their message be communicated? Many of Dartlet’s clients ask these questions. And we guide them through a wholly original methodology designed to bring to light who they truly are.

Just as Moana felt an obligation to be like those around her, many businesses, institutions, destinations, and teams, are afraid to be too different. Dartlet asks and answers the question, “Who are YOU authentically, at your best?”

At Dartlet, we are innovators. We dare to wade into messy processes, diluted communications, and divided stakeholder groups. We challenge the old way of doing things and transform people, systems, and messages. Our purpose is to bring about lasting change and we do so through the discovery of Self.