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by Bethany Talbert

“We see like nobody else because we seek like nobody else.” – Dartlet

In any business transaction, parties agree to an exchange of goods or services. This is not simply an amount of production, but the quality of what is produced and its delivery. Every institution will prove the demand, integrity, and longevity of their operations by the level of exchange in which they choose to operate. This is no less true for Dartlet where relationships with our clients involve at least one transaction, if not thirty.

So what are these levels of exchange? Let’s break it down.

The first, the “rip-off.” As you may guess, this is exchange where one party delivers none of what is expected. They pocket your money and walk away whistling (and a few days later, answer the door to a gold badge and blue uniform. Rightly so.).

The second, “partial exchange.” The client pays for a good or service and gets less than what’s expected in return. Save your receipt, people!

The third, “fair exchange,” is perhaps the most common. You give that for which you were paid. Shake hands, smile and part ways happy. Bravo, you’re a good and decent person.

But then there are the daring few who deliver above and beyond expectations. They outperform industry standard, deliver an unsurpassed level of service and an exceptionally high quality of product. Let’s call this uppermost level “exchange in abundance.” At an ice cream shop, this might look like two softball-sized scoops of ice cream, an unending tower of whip cream, and that all-too-often-fought-for cherry on top­­–when you only ordered soft-serve.

At Dartlet, we deal with big clients and big contracts. We promise multiple deliverables with intricate components and client consensus every step of the way; and while there are multiple opportunities to call scope and dig in our heels at contractual boundaries, we continually ask ourselves the questions, “What more can we do?” and “How much better can we do it?” And we sure as hell better be exceeding client expectations, or we best be pushing the emergency button. Because it’s not just a project we are completing or a final deliverable document, it’s the success and growth of the client we are after. We are determined to see them lead in their market space, stand distinct against competitors, and see a majestic upturn in their enrollment, income, and production statistics. Our client scope is a means to that end, but we are in no way bound by it, nor do we seek our safety and sanity within its borders.

So, to all our clients, rest confident, you’re in good hands. We will always deliver, and if ever below your expectations, we will make it right. To Dartlet employees, keep over-delivering. It’s why you’re still here.