Marketing Innovation Just Got Smarter. Announcing Carnegie Dartlet. Learn More

by Jorie Antuma

Dartlet will be taking the stage yet again.
Next week, if you find yourself in Boston for the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) Conference, take note of a particular pre-conference seminar: Enrollment Marketing: Wicked Smaht Strategies to Recruit Gen Z

This new generation has been brought up in an entirely digital world—smart phones in hand, addicted to tech, and busy building their online personas.

To help navigate what’s in (and out) with this fast-moving cohort, come learn from four higher education marketing experts about the “Who,” “Where,” “What,” and “How” to market to Gen Z.

Session 1: Dunkies and Safety: The Comfort of Home

Can a lahge regulah and Munchkins mean safety? We will explore what we know about the next generation of students, why they are obsessed with safety (and how they define safety), and ways to create marketing efforts that resonate with them

Session 2: You Don’t Have to Go to Harvard to Do Predictive Modeling Right

In this session we’ll demonstrate how you don’t need a PhD to use modeling to help you to buy the right names, target the right households, and pinpoint your best potential markets.

Session 3: Inside the Mindset of Gen Z

With the emergence of this new generation, it is critical to understand the Gen Z students you’re attracting (or not). Join us as we explain how to define your audience segments and uncover the personality and demographic makeup of this next generation of prospects.

Session 4: Recruitment Marketing to a Digital-First Generation

This generation has never known life without the Internet or smart phones, and they are admitted “screen addicts.” With this in mind, we will review the best ways to target Gen Z across the different channels of their digital life to ensure you are reaching and engaging them throughout their decision journey. #WickedAwesome


Carnegie Communications: Alexa Poulin
Dartlet: Scott Ochander
Fire Engine RED: Mike Matthews & Jeff McLaughlin
Monmouth College & Render Experiences: Trent Gilbert
Render Experiences: Jeff Kallay

Thursday, September 14, 2017
Boston Convention and Exhibition Center
08:30 AM to 11:30 AM

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