• Scott Ochander


    contender. trailblazer. composer.

    Scott Ochander pioneered a consensus-building reputation management model in sectors where stakeholders matter, like universities and healthcare. Now he’s bringing transformation to companies and industries of all shapes and sizes. As an active Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing at a university, Scott is regarded as an expert in reputation strategy implementation in the higher education space. Few people have worked so extensively in brand development, with a career tally of more than 28 brand development projects and counting. Scott has led the reputation strategy programs at some of the largest enterprises in the nation, demonstrating tangible results that move the needle.

  • Tyler Borders


    leader. rebel. innovator.

    Tyler Borders invented industry-leading methodology in brand strategy and personification, quickly gaining traction as one of the most potent strategy models in the industry. A Pepperdine University graduate and former Creative Director in Los Angeles and Washington state prior to launching his own consultancy, entrepreneur and founder of five startups, Tyler has transformed organizations nationwide with his distinctive workshop- and research-based methodology. A highly-praised creative- and communication-talent, Tyler’s personality-driven system is built to translate strategy into executable communications. He continues to speak, write, and innovate on the discipline of reputation strategy.

  • Jorie Antuma


    discoverer. refiner. producer.

    Having invested the majority of her career in higher education, Jorie has worked for both proprietary and nonprofit schools, her alma mater Calvin College, and the University of Michigan, before joining Dartlet. A well-rounded strategist and complex-project manager, Jorie is exceptionally well-versed at managing multi-faceted accounts, and speaking the language of both the client and the project team. Several years ago, she traded the Great Lakes for the Rocky Mountains and is happily exploring all they have to offer with her husband, Jesse.

  • David Viggiano


    coach. fighter. ringleader.

    David is a strategic marketing and communications powerhouse with more than 20 years of experience delivering solutions. His expertise includes strategic communication development and execution, enrollment strategy and marketing, admissions operations, public relations, digital marketing, brand management, creative asset generation, and team leadership. David was a communications guru at his alma mater, Syracuse University, leading the admissions marketing team and consulting on communications and technology initiatives across the university. Both of his degrees come from Syracuse—a BS from the renowned Newhouse School of Public Communications and MBA from the Whitman School of Management. He relishes the collaboration required to communicate authentically and effectively across stakeholders and platforms.

  • Bethany Talbert


    craftsman. friend. contender.

    Bethany Talbert is a fearless advocate for client transformation and the end-user experience. She captures clients’ stories and marries herself to their cause with creative on-point content strategy and crystal clear execution. She cares about what makes content good, ensuring the brand comes through at every touchpoint and interaction. With over ten years of consultancy experience with for- and not-for-profit organizations worldwide, her portfolio spans the breadth of creative know-how, from copywriter and designer to web developer and marketer. Her multi-disciplinary knowledge and collaborative approach makes her both a beloved friend and expert craftsman for complex organizations within diverse industries.

  • Jeremy O’Niel


    competitor. entertainer. friend.

    Jeremy is a 15-year veteran in the digital management space. Following his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Jeremy spent the majority of his career leading the production team at a digital agency in the Pacific Northwest. He’s a natural problem solver who uses his technical expertise to develop digital experiences on both web and mobile platforms. His extensive background in hands-on development coupled with years of project management experience make him a rare asset for leading large and complex web projects and campaigns. In his spare time you might see him on the golf course, or at a ping pong table.

  • Shari Gibbons


    adviser. detective. dark horse.

    Shari is a growth-focused General Manager reputed for successfully leading complex marketing and operations through effective project management, strategic planning, and partnership building. She is an expert in developing and mentoring teams, driving continuous improvements to accelerate growth, creating efficiencies, and revitalizing failing operations. By fusing broad experience in multiple industries and cross-functional experience, Shari brings a fresh perspective to any planning session through innovative problem solving. Shari graduated with honors from both San Jose State University (BA in Biology) and Harvard Business School (MBA).

  • Lisa Mathias


    adviser. challenger. innovator.

    Lisa has over 25 years of executive level experience in the service, financial and legal fields. She loves technology and gadgets and has yet to meet a software program she couldn't tame. To Lisa, spreadsheets and project management are a favorite sport, as she loves managing details to ensure everything is completed intelligently. Lisa strives to put systems in place to help things run smoothly—both in business and at home, where she has too many children to list. Lisa has a great love for theater, and volunteers for numerous non-profit arts organizations in her spare time.

  • Molly Renner


    confidant. adventurer. creator.

    Molly has over 25 years of strategic marketing and planning, public relations and advertising experience. After graduating from the University of Puget Sound, she launched her career at AT&T Wireless. There, she managed national consumer and business marketing teams, leading them in brand development, product development, marketing, and communications. Molly is passionate about working with both small startups and large companies, solving brand challenges through collaboration—but when it’s time to execute, she’s a stickler for details. She’s passionate about non-profit work and enjoys her board leadership positions and a non-profit serving people with disabilities.

  • Ian Strawn


    designer. entertainer. provider.

    A former worldwide exhibiting fine artist, Ian now plies his creative talents to unique and powerful graphic expressions of brand design. A graduate of Brigham Young University, Ian is now a fifteen-year veteran of the creative marketplace. He has served in the capacity of designer, strategist, marketing director, art director, and startup entrepreneur. Ian applies a unique mix of both creative thinking and analytical strategy, pushing each project to the most on-brand outcome.

  • Kelsey Wilson


    enthusiast. discoverer. competitor.

    Kelsey’s ability to connect with people and problem solve have been fostered by her background in psychology and college admissions. From a Big Ten institution to small private marketing vendors, she brings a range of experiences and strengths to the team. Kelsey finds customized solutions for clients using both her people skills and strategic planning. She hails from the Midwest, where she is active in her community and volunteers with a number of non-profit organizations. In her spare time she enjoys exploring the outdoors with her two labs and husband, Reid.

  • Christian Thompson


    leader. entertainer. neighbor.

    Christian is a skilled communicator in both small and large group settings which has provided him with opportunities to speak at conferences in both the US and Canada. Christian has over 10 years of experience in developing and leading teams. He enjoys engaging with people and being a part of inspiring and challenging them. In addition to working with people his background in business, has given him experience in dealing with the details necessary to meet goals and overcome obstacles in day-to-day operations.

  • Rebecca Nolte


    creative. explorer. rebel.

    Rebecca is a fine artist, classically trained in plein air and impressionistic portrait painting. She loves to apply her color knowledge and trained eye to the design realm. Her fundamental design knowledge and theory was formulated at the Rhode Island School of Design—where her drive, vision and voice took way! A rebel at heart, she loves to push the boundaries and tackle design challenges head on with innovation, grace and grit. It is her passion to apply her versatile creative background to all forms and functions within her design practices.

  • Chase Wilson


    experimenter. guide.

    Fueled by a longtime passion in social psychology, Chase is a researcher with an affinity for working with both people and numbers. He specializes in assessing opinions and thought styles in both academic and applied settings. The crux of his work includes helping clients develop research plans that turn their questions into actionable data. Both a teacher and a life-long learner, Chase teaches statistics while completing a doctoral degree and takes a few drawing classes on the side.

  • Coltron Baldwin


    radical. daredevil. challenger.

    Coltron Baldwin is a design expert born in Virginia, raised in California, and now planted in Washington State. Over the last ten years he has grown in many different roles, from being a soldier deployed in Afghanistan, to building his own multi-disciplinary creative agency with international reach. Coltron has the ability to understand design from a holistic and pragmatic approach. His vision complements his role as a Design Strategist for Dartlet, and maximizes the value behind the execution of all creative.

  • Erin Connolly


    learner. supporter. creator.

    Erin is a versatile writer with over five years of experience in information architecture. Her work spans the gamut, from curriculum development to financial reporting. With an English degree from Lehigh University and an MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management, she is able to paint an enlightening picture of company culture, identifying strengths and paths for improvement. Erin hails from Boulder, Co, where she is active in the startup community and takes every opportunity to explore the beautiful Rocky Mountains with her husband, beloved dog, and adorable little girl.

  • Braxton Wilhelmsen


    creator. inspirer. instigator.

    Braxton Wilhelmsen creates images with the audience in mind. His work is informed by his background in illustration in which concept and story are at the heart of everything. To Braxton, a successful image or film is one in which the audience has an emotional reaction and connection with the work. He strives for excellence in his work where improvement and growth are his highest priorities. His work is regularly featured in photography industry magazines and contests. Braxton lives near the Great Salt Lake with his wife Becky and three sons.

  • Kevin Barkman


    explorer. transformer. individual.

    Kevin is a writer with a knack for finding story in everything. Living on three continents has given Kevin the unique gift of connecting people. The ability to adapt communication to different cultural climates sets him apart as a writer and communicator. In an often anonymous and relentlessly fast-paced world Kevin strives to connect with each individual through simple and relatable story.

  • Kailee Carneau


    supporter. transformer. creative.

    Kailee hails from Whitworth University, and will seek a PhD in industrial-organizational psychology fueled by her passion for organizational change. By looking through a lens of multiple disciplines, Kailee aspires to make a difference in organizations, and the individuals that sustain them. She is tenacious in the pursuit of positive change, and enjoys exploring how with the right strategies and guidance, an institution close to extinction can be brought back to life. Kailee’s interpersonal skills, creativity, and strategic thinking make her a valuable addition to the team.

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