• Scott Ochander


    contender. trailblazer. composer.

    Scott Ochander pioneered a consensus-building reputation management model in sectors where stakeholders matter, like universities and healthcare. Now he’s bringing transformation to companies and industries of all shapes and sizes. As an active Vice President for Enrollment and Marketing at a university, Scott is regarded as an expert in reputation strategy implementation in the higher education space. Few people have worked so extensively in brand development, with a career tally of more than 28 brand development projects and counting. Scott has led the reputation strategy programs at some of the largest enterprises in the nation, demonstrating tangible results that move the needle.

  • Tyler Borders


    leader. rebel. innovator.

    Tyler Borders originated industry-leading methodologies in brand research, strategy, and personification, quickly gaining traction as one of the most potent strategy models in the industry. A Pepperdine University graduate and former Creative Director in Los Angeles and Washington state prior to launching his own consultancy, entrepreneur and founder of five startups, Tyler has transformed organizations nationwide with his distinctive workshop- and data-driven methodology. Tyler’s personality-driven science is designed to give authentic definition to organizations, translating strategy into executable communications. He continues to speak, write, and innovate on the discipline of reputation strategy.

  • Jorie Antuma


    discoverer. refiner. advocate.

    A well-rounded strategist and experienced account executive, Jorie Antuma is exceptionally well-versed at managing multifaceted accounts and speaking the language of both the client and the project team. After graduating with a Business Communications and English degree, she's spent the last nine years working with regional, national, and global brands, as well as consulting on operations for start-up agencies. At Carnegie Dartlet, she works to establish class and distinction within client solutions, providing oversight across a variety of sales, communications, and operations functions. She recently traded the Rocky Mountains for the Great Lakes and is happily exploring all they have to offer with her husband, Jesse, and son, Jude.

  • Ian Strawn


    designer. entertainer. provider.

    A former worldwide exhibiting fine artist, Ian now plies his creative talents in the oversight of Carnegie Dartlet's multimedia designers, producers, directors, artists, and technicians. In each and every rendering of creative expression, Ian ensures the delivery of unique and powerful demonstrations of brand personality. A graduate of Brigham Young University, Ian is now a fifteen-year veteran of the creative marketplace. He has served in the capacity of designer, strategist, marketing director, art director, creative director, and startup entrepreneur. Ian applies a unique mix of both creative thinking and analytical strategy, pushing each project to the most on-brand outcome.

  • David Viggiano


    coach. fighter. ringleader.

    David is a strategic marketing and communications powerhouse with more than 20 years of experience delivering solutions. His expertise includes strategic communication development and execution, enrollment strategy and marketing, admissions operations, public relations, digital marketing, brand management, creative asset generation, and team leadership. David was a communications guru at his alma mater, Syracuse University, leading the admissions marketing team and consulting on communications and technology initiatives across the university. Both of his degrees come from Syracuse—a BS from the renowned Newhouse School of Public Communications and MBA from the Whitman School of Management. He relishes the collaboration required to communicate authentically and effectively across stakeholders and platforms.

  • Bethany Talbert


    contender. workhorse. architect.

    Bethany Talbert is a fearless advocate for client transformation and the end-user experience. She captures clients’ stories and marries herself to their cause with creative on-point content strategy and crystal clear execution. She cares about what makes content good, ensuring the brand comes through at every touchpoint and interaction. With over ten years of consultancy experience with for- and not-for-profit organizations worldwide, her portfolio spans the breadth of creative know-how, from copywriter and designer to web developer and marketer. Her multi-disciplinary knowledge and collaborative approach makes her both a beloved friend and expert craftsman for complex organizations within diverse industries.

  • Jared Brickman


    investigator. storyteller. visionary.

    With nearly a decade of communication technology and campaign study and research experience, Jared considers himself a true data geek. Driven by teasing out stories from the numbers, his approach to research is practical and focused, using a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods. He has won local, national, and international awards for his overall research acumen as well as projects focused on mobile health, viral web content, and online social support. Now residing in Vancouver, Washington, he earned all three of his degrees, including a doctorate, in communication at Washington State University. Jared is a dog lover and volunteer for the Guide Dogs for the Blind organization.

  • Christian Thompson


    leader. entertainer. neighbor.

    Christian is a skilled communicator in both small and large group settings which has provided him with opportunities to speak at conferences in both the US and Canada. Christian has over 10 years of experience in developing and leading teams. He enjoys engaging with people and being a part of inspiring and challenging them. In addition to working with people his background in business, has given him experience in dealing with the details necessary to meet goals and overcome obstacles in day-to-day operations.

  • Kelsey Wilson


    enthusiast. guide. competitor.

    Kelsey’s ability to connect with people and problem solve have been fostered by her background in psychology and college admissions. From a Big Ten institution to small private marketing vendors, she brings a range of experiences and strengths to the team. Kelsey finds customized solutions for clients using both her people skills and strategic planning. She hails from the Midwest, where she is active in her community and volunteers with a number of non-profit organizations. In her spare time she enjoys exploring the outdoors with her two labs and husband, Reid.

  • Molly Renner


    confidant. adventurer. fighter.

    Molly has over 25 years of strategic marketing and planning, public relations and advertising experience. After graduating from the University of Puget Sound, she launched her career at AT&T Wireless. There, she managed national consumer and business marketing teams, leading them in brand development, product development, marketing, and communications. Molly is passionate about working with both small startups and large companies, solving brand challenges through collaboration—but when it’s time to execute, she’s a stickler for details. She’s passionate about non-profit work and enjoys her board leadership positions and a non-profit serving people with disabilities.

  • Melissa Vangsness


    challenger. leader. motivator.

    With over a decade in the industry, Melissa is an experienced and enthusiastic leader in the fields of marketing, communication, and higher education. She has an exceptional passion for elevating brands and has gained recognition for her ability to move organizations forward. Known for her relentless work ethic, Melissa is a fearless champion of everything she does. After relinquishing her post as Director of Communications and Marketing at the University of Minnesota-Morris, Melissa is using her expertise at Carnegie Dartlet to guide clients through research, strategy, creative, and strategic marketing. She holds a Bachelor's degree from North Dakota State University and is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Strategic Communication from Concordia University- St. Paul. Melissa resides in Minnesota with her husband, Mike, and two daughters.

  • Brian Leininger


    leader. optimist. challenger.

    With a background in business management and operations, Brian brings his experience in a variety of industries and leadership roles to the Carnegie Dartlet team. As an early stage executive, Brian facilitated the rapid growth of an innovative medical device company in San Francisco. He has also spent time with both startups and established companies in the photography, event entertainment, and public utility sectors. His positive approach to problem solving inspires those around him in the quest for creating and delivering a perfect strategic solution for the client. Originally from San Diego, Brian and his wife, Sun, now enjoy the beauty and variety of outdoor activities Central Oregon has to offer.

  • Kyle Garberson


    provider. dynamo. investigator.

    Bringing a diverse management experience ranging from artisan startups to working with refugees, Kyle is committed to bringing the best out of people and organizations. With a degree in philosophy and heart of gold, you might confuse him for a Jedi. But in reality, you are as likely to find Kyle out at his farm as you are in the library. A father of two wild boys, Kyle and his wife live in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

  • Kimber Coles


    contender. designer. confidant.

    Another Portland-based team member, Kimber brings an excitement and passion for multimedia, print, and digital design. Her background in athletics, along with her creative talent, give her both a competitive edge and team player attitude. With a degree in Digital Arts from the University or Oregon, Kimber has an enthusiasm for all things digital. She loves to geek out over the newest technologies and always has to have the latest software and hardware. When she isn’t designing logos and layouts, she is on the ultimate field chasing down discs. She also enjoys hiking with her dog, biking, and eating at Portland’s amazing restaurants.

  • Amy Franklin


    creator. refiner. confidant.

    Driven by a foundational education in fine art and painting, Amy views each project as a work of art, intended to communicate and captivate an audience. She hones in on design work with precision and a keen eye for detail. With over a decade of design experience, she’s learned the power of a listening ear. Understanding the client's perspective and goals, Amy brings their personality to life through design. Her passion to tell a story and do so with compelling aesthetics is what drives her work.

  • Joanna Flaten


    inspirer. theorist. caretaker.

    Passionate about authentic and effective communication, Joanna has spent her career helping develop on-point messaging in projects as diverse as grant proposals, website content, donor event messaging and curriculum content development. She combines attentive listening with a system-driven mind that helps clients present ideas with clarity and connection. When she’s not developing written content she’s volunteering to bring messages to life in community and educational theatre.

  • Andy Allen


    adventurer. neighbor. entertainer.

    Andy comes to every table with energy, inquisitiveness, and a desire to solve a puzzle. Having worked within the field of higher education for nearly ten years, Andy has experience both in and outside the university's walls. As a dedicated Account Manager for nearly six of those years, he specializes in partnering with his clients to discover the deepest level problems and strategizing towards a solution, as opposed to grabbing at a surface-level issue and offering a quick fix. By night, you can find Andy on stage with his improvisational comedy team. By morning, you can find Andy and his amazing wife, Melissa, watching cartoons with their three daughters.

  • Matthew Ryf


    craftsman. dreamer. contender.

    A seasoned design professional with over 20 years in both print and digital ecosystems, Matthew has shepherded blended branding programs, multi-channel advertising campaigns and transformed identity systems from sketchbook to style guide. A critical thinker and tactician, his creative footprint can be found across the globe in industries including Energy, Finance, Healthcare and Manufacturing. With a passion for nuanced designcraft, Matthew embraces the opportunities to build beautiful stories that influence, impact and inspire. Originally from upstate New York, Matthew now calls Portland, Oregon home; tinkering with his 1920s bungalow, roaming golf courses and discovering the many natural wonders of the Pacific Northwest.

  • Lisa Mathias


    adviser. challenger. innovator.

    Lisa has over 25 years of executive level experience in the service, financial and legal fields. She loves technology and gadgets and has yet to meet a software program she couldn't tame. To Lisa, spreadsheets and project management are a favorite sport, as she loves managing details to ensure everything is completed intelligently. Lisa strives to put systems in place to help things run smoothly—both in business and at home, where she has too many children to list. Lisa has a great love for theater, and volunteers for numerous non-profit arts organizations in her spare time.

  • Matan Ahlfeld


    Working in various capacities in the media industry since 2000, Matan Ahlfeld is a highly experienced media strategist and buyer. Matan provides Carnegie Dartlet clients with a wide range of professional services, not limited to strategizing, purchasing, reporting, and market research and its corresponding analyses. A former director at MediaCom and Starcom, Matan brings a wealth of experience in both the US and Canada at a leadership level in various levels of media including traditional, non-traditional, digital, search, and social media.

  • Michael Geertsma


    composer. explorer. instigator.

    Michael Geertsma is a wordsmith who thrives in the arena of the unknown and unexpected. A Calvin College graduate, he has spent over a decade crafting multi-channel stories that move and transform audiences across continents and generations. Michael loves shining the narrative spotlight on the details and textures that make every person, place, organization, and experience truly unique. His curiosity, creativity, and boundless imagination turn the greatest challenges clients face into opportunities for unprecedented clarity and success.

  • Jeremy O’Niel


    competitor. entertainer. friend.

    Jeremy is a 15-year veteran in the digital management space. Following his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Jeremy spent the majority of his career leading the production team at a digital agency in the Pacific Northwest. He’s a natural problem solver who uses his technical expertise to develop digital experiences on both web and mobile platforms. His extensive background in hands-on development coupled with years of project management experience make him a rare asset for leading large and complex web projects and campaigns. In his spare time you might see him on the golf course, or at a ping pong table.

  • Shari Gibbons


    adviser. detective. dark horse.

    Shari is a growth-focused General Manager reputed for successfully leading complex marketing and operations through effective project management, strategic planning, and partnership building. She is an expert in developing and mentoring teams, driving continuous improvements to accelerate growth, creating efficiencies, and revitalizing failing operations. By fusing broad experience in multiple industries and cross-functional experience, Shari brings a fresh perspective to any planning session through innovative problem solving. Shari graduated with honors from both San Jose State University (BA in Biology) and Harvard Business School (MBA).

  • Jenna Tormanen


    designer. inspirer. risk-taker.

    Jenna Tormanen is driven by storytelling. Using video and photography as tools to communicate and bring to life a story with strong brand personality. She is passionate about film and art of all kinds. With a digital technology degree from Washington State University, she's owned her own videography business for the last five years and has experience in strategic multimedia marketing. When she's isn't filming or editing you can find her at her coffee house that she and husband own together. She is industrious, diligent and not afraid to break out of the mold.

  • Emily Burnham


    pathfinder. maker. collaborator.

    Emily is a graduate of the University of Oregon, where she studied Psychology and Women’s & Gender Studies. As an orientation leader and Student Director, she learned the secrets of Enrollment Management success in a higher education environment. Since graduation, Emily has helped local nonprofits and small companies communicate authentically by establishing more effective marketing and social media frameworks. She is passionate about innovation, creativity, and connection, and is driven to succeed while helping others do the same. When she isn’t working, Emily enjoys adventuring in Bend, Oregon with her partner and dog, tending to her numerous houseplants, and crafting.

  • Jon Hiskes

    Content Strategist

    discover. creator. contender.

    Driven to explore the heart of things, Jon is a versatile writer and strategist, a ceaseless asker of questions, and a voracious reader. With experience in investigative journalism, international climate reporting, and positions across the breadth of higher education, Jon helps the work of others shine through compelling storytelling.

  • Jason Werner


    visionary. seeker. alchemist.

    As whole-brained as they come, Jason is a serial entrepreneur, strategist, and builder of brands who has spent the last ten years advocating for and consulting with organizations in the marketing, tech, and startup sectors. A staunch advocate for archetypal theory, purveyor of radical candor, and lover of words in all forms, Jason brings his strategic mind and futuristic tendencies to bear in crafting authentic messaging that resonates with clients and individuals alike.

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